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Baby Pictures: My Year on the Road with Baby Lester and the Buggybumpers

B. John Burns was a middle-class Catholic school graduate destined, in the eyes of everyone who knew him, for law school. But after an unexpectedly rousing reception for one of his original songs at his senior class talent show, the only destiny in his mind was to become a rock star. "Baby Pictures" is a compelling autobiographical novel that tells his story of a life touring on the road – filled with nightclubs, hotels, and all that came with it. This is the story of a lifestyle that no longer exists today, but one that should never be forgotten.

After a year of college, Burns dropped out in 1975, assuming that stardom awaited him outside the University.

For months he floundered hopelessly, searching for an entry into music. He joined his first band in January of 1976, a year that for him was a progression of false starts. Then, on Halloween Eve, he took a phone call from a stranger, a singer/guitar player/comedian who until then had worked for a west coast show band.

A month later, John was on the road with the Band. The eight months that followed were his coming of age. The band played the Holiday Inn circuit in thirteen states, from New Mexico to North Carolina, from Indiana to Wyoming. In several ways, John lost his innocence on the road. He nearly perished in a blizzard in the Badlands of South Dakota. His one and only skydiving lesson put him in the hospital in Texas. The people he encountered were a diverse cast of characters.

Throughout this one-of-a-kind book, readers will get first-hand insight into a life like no other. "Baby Pictures" is a snapshot of a lifestyle from a time gone by.